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ETKA 7.3 Updates (VW Audi, 938 To 949) 64 Bit




7.2 does not work on 64 bit and installs in 32 bit mode (supposed to be the same as on 32 bit 7.3) Quote I see. So, nothing new. :-/ Yes. Well, I am not so sure that "nothing new" is the correct description as I have added a new feature to function access in the audio-infos (add to menu for function access in Windows) That said. The newest update does work. This is exactly what I wanted. The whole thing works on my 64 bit system. I have tried all USB-Keyboard-Drivers that I found at the ASUS-Updatecenter, at Lenovo-Support and at the Downloadcenter of my phone carrier, the result was always the same: The arrow-keys on the phone keyboard is mapped to an unknown function (even pressing it in the microphone). But in the center-screen keyboard everything works as intended. I have read this thread and I think I understood. Unfortunately the windows drivers for my mouse and my USB-Keyboard-Device do not support my mouse and my USB-Keyboard-Device. So the center-screen is working with a USB-Keyboard-Device and the phone-screen with a USB-Mouse. The problem is: The power-led and the power-button are used for other functions. This is why I am using a Windows Phone USB-Keyboard-Device and my mouse (that is not visible for you) I tried some drivers from Asus: A57-AX-B_1601 (v2.2) and F7-D10-E_1601_0_40 (v2.4) and tried it also with no success. For Asus: The A57-AX-B_1601 with windows 7.3 64-bit works fine, but the F7-D10-E_1601_0_40 with windows 7.3 64-bit does not work. For my mouse: I tried some drivers from Lenovo (Lenovo/ASUS): G650-S_8702.us_en.nkuf1_c-a1369_0_64-{06d130f9-0720-400d-b04a-6490ad4a8bf8}.zip and G700-US_8702.us_en.nkuf1



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ETKA 7.3 Updates (VW Audi, 938 To 949) 64 Bit

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